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Our Apple Pie: Crumble Crust, Double Crust, Lattice or Solid Top?

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One of the favorite stories as a kid in our family was the story of Johnny Appleseed. He was a very busy man.  Because of him, apples became part of the landscape of the country, and what a better way to use an apple than in a pie! It’s about as American as it can get.

With something as loved as Apple Pie, there are lots of opinions on just what is the best way to make an apple pie. Some folk’s traditions call for a crumble crust laden with butter and goodness. Others stick with the classic double crust, be it a lattice or solid crust. It's very serious business, these apple pies... It's bound to be important to us. So important in fact that to this day it is still ranked as the number one favorite pie in the country. 

Why is it so loved? Well, it brings up memories of grandma’s house, of holidays with family. It’s the perfect complement to a dinner or a picnic. It’s really, really delicious! We think we do a pretty good job here in our bakery. We have been named one of the 10 best apple pies in America by RoadFood guide and one of 9 must stops for apple pie by BestThings WI. We love making a great apple pie.

What makes an apple pie so good? We have some thoughts on that 😊. Two key things – one is the crust… a great crust is the foundation of any great pie. Our crusts are made from a secret recipe that the founder of Stockholm Pie, Her Pieness, Janet learned many, many years ago. It has not changed one bit since day one. Still made from scratch, one at a time… You won’t even find a mixer in the room -when we say by hand, we really mean by hand! 

The other is the apple itself. Lots of opinions about apples for sure. Some folks swear by Granny Smith. Others say it’s the Cortland or the Golden Delicious. No matter what apple, it's that tart/sweet balance that makes some apples better than others. We have pretty much tried them all over the years, but we swear by The Braeburn – perfect balance of flavors and it holds up to baking like no other apple we have tried. 

Did someone say Apple pie filling? ….. no cans of anything should be used… apples, just real apples, that’s the secret. Yep, you have to peel, core, and slice them by hand, just like we do, but then you end up with the perfect texture, bite, and sweetness. It's American as it gets!

No matter what apple or what crust recipe you use you are joining in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years in this county, thanks to Mr. Appleseed. We all owe him a big thank you! What is your secret to great apple pie? Let us know!

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